Teaching Methodology

Our teaching methodology is based on latest scientific brain research on how the brain best ‘Learns’ and ‘Processes’ information. It nurtures a child to achieve Physical, Cognitive, Social/ Emotional, Language and Creative/Aesthetic development. Our methodology are based on following principles :

Unique LRQ Model

The LRQ model is based on three major underpinnings:
Learner Centric Approach – Placing children at the Centre of the teaching-learning process is a vital underpinning of curriculum mapping.

Research Based Curriculum – Instructional design and subject matter experts in the field of Neuroscience maintain that as we enter the 21ST century, our learning pattern needs to be dynamic and evolving, incorporating the needs of the society and the learner.

Superior Quality Standards – The School Improvement Team ensures that quality is maintained in five domains of school, viz.-. Teaching, Learning, Administration, Environment, Leadership.

Development Appropriate Theories

Our methodology incorportates the best from all the famous theorists like Jean Piaget, Erik Erikson, Maria Montessori, who have been influenced Early Childhood Education.

Bloom’s Taxonomy

Our teaching encourages children to move from lower order thinking level to a higher order thinking level.

Multiple Intelligence

“It’s not how smart you are that matters, what really counts is how you are smart.“ ~ Howard Gardner

Theme Based, Integrated and Interdisciplinary

No concept is taught in isolation. All concepts are integrated to make the curriculum more holistic. At Kangaroo Kids, we select themes that are of relevance and interest to children.