IT & E-Learning

The fully networked ICT (Information and Communication Technology) laboratories are equipped with the latest computers and other state of the art IT applications, including interactive learning tools and also offer Internet connectivity. We have a Wi-Fi enabled campus.

ARGUS – The Learning Ecosystem

BHIS has an advanced Learning Ecosystem –ARGUS. This cutting-edge digital learning ecosystem takes learning beyond the classroom by personalising it for each learner based on their learning style. It provides a self-paced schedule that enables learners to take ownership of their learning by allowing them to learn anytime and anywhere and get real-time remedial action.

The Argus ecosystem brings the three stakeholders – students, parents and teachers together on the same platform.

ARGUS – The Learning Ecosystem

The 4C’s pedagogical framework forms the backbone of the Argus Student application.

Concept: Engages with digital media – digital book, videos, concept maps and quizzes

Connect: Reinforces the concepts through application activities; videos enable learners to apply concepts to real-world situations to make them meaningful and relevant

Certify: Solves worksheets and quizzes independently

Create: Applies knowledge of concepts by doing individual and group projects